Monday, December 5, 2016

Autumn's glory!

Catty is getting older - she's somewhere around 13 years old.  This past summer she started to slow down a bit.  Originally we chalked this up to getting old and now we believe was going on was the heat.  While she like to stay warm, she not a fan of much activity in the summer heat.  Now that summer is long gone, so is Catty's "slowing down".  The girl is all about getting out and moving!  If we miss a day of walking Catty, everyone experiences her inner terrier.
Here are some of our daily walking adventures over the past month.  We see lots and it's that we all get out and about!


Lots and lots of mushrooms and other fungi.

You can see how fast the fungi grows - the below picture is of the above little cups a week later.

"Lets go!"

Catty mushroom hunting right along with us.

Beautiful turkey tails.

If you don't look close, you will miss a lot of the fungi around you.


Some of our more interesting finds!
This jelly fungi was neat
We caught this just in the nick of time.  We saw it a week later and all the pink was gone.

More jelly fungi

These mushrooms were huge!


Slug having a meal!
Off we go!

More than just mushrooms to look at!


Sweet Catty and she's a wonderful outdoor partner!

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