Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fog dog

We had an amazing foggy morning and pretty much all of Seward Park to ourselves! 

We head around the 2.5 mile loop to watch the fog.
Beautiful colors on lake Washington

Lots to smell

"Who's down there?"
Time to move on! On this loop (when no one is around) we practice a lot of off leash recall. We may practice this over 50 times on this 2.5 mile loop.  If someone is coming I recall D'light and leash him. I do this even if the person doesn't have a dog.  Not everyone likes dogs and as a responsible dog person we all should be able to manage our dogs if we let them off leash in a public area.  Off leash recall is an important skill and I wish more people had verbal control over their dogs when they are off leash.  Being charged by an off leash dogs (I don't care if the dog is friendly) is a major pet peeve of mine.  I've shared many a not so nice words with people around their inability to verbally manage their dog when it's off leash.  If you can't  verbally recall your dog with distractors of people or other dogs then your dog should not be off leash.
We check out the rock beach of the park


Boy on the move!

Verbal recall in action and he's reinforced with high value food to reinforce his recall behavior. 

Beautiful view and what a great morning to be out!


"I work for treats!"

Time for a game!  There were a number of large rocks on the beach.  I placed a number of treats along the rocks and it's time for the game of "find it".


This is a great game to build confidence while working the mind and body. 
" I found all of them!"

We make our way up into the wooded section of the park. As you can see D'light is leashed up. Verbal recall is not reliable when he is crittering.  This doesn't make him bad or dumb it just that crittering is way more reinforcing to him than verbal recall to me.  So, he critters on a 40ft long line. 

Critter time!

Pretty Madrone trees through out the park

Gotta get it!

Time to head back to the car

"Why are we leaving so soon, we've only been here two hours!"

One more check before heading out.  We will be back soon enough.

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