Saturday, September 17, 2016

Throwback series of posts - Part 4

In case you missed them, here are the previous posts in this series:

In between nose work camp Catty came outside to see what D'light and Viva found so much fun.

"This grass is too long"

"Enough of this... lets go back into the cool house"

Back into the house Catty goes and find her resting spot.

We head over to look at all the flowers in the yard.


Paw Paw fruit will be ready to eat at the end of this month.

Viva enjoying the environment

The beautiful Viva!

My favorite hydrangea!

Clematis balls

D'light after a dragon fly!

"Wow it stopped!"

"Where did it go?"

Viva enjoying the afternoon

Back to chasing the dragon fly

"Oh no long grass, sticky weeds and no Viva to guide me!"

"Here I come D'light"
All is well...

While Catty and I were gone to nose work camp, Brett was out doing yard work for over 5 hours. Viva hung out with him outside and she was a great helper.  Here are some of the photos he took of Viva while she "helped" him with the yard work.

Everyone needs to stop and smell the flowers!

More outside fun in one of D'light's favorite crittering spots

"Where are you Viva?!"

"Whatcha doing up here?"

"Posing for pretty pictures!"

Strike a pose!

This picture make me laugh with his smile!

Sweet pups and they have a fabulous time at Brett's parents house!

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