Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Throwback series of posts - Part 2

D'light had us laughing on this trip as he found a spot on the property that he had to investigate every day and often multiple times a day!
"Who is down there?"
 A gentle little dig...

"Hello any one down there?!"

Then he goes crazy and really gets to digging

We could hear him snorting and trying to get all the smell down the hole he was digging

"Why are you laughing?!"

He just kept at it and you can see Viva making her way over to see what he's doing.

He just keeps at it...

Look at the dirt kick up!  This level of intensity is rare for D'light.

Viva comes over to see what has him so excited
Taking a deep sniff

D'light says "Do you smell it down there?!"

Viva says "Not worth the effort and have fun with your hole D'light"

And clearly D'light loves his hole!

Viva thinks he's now the nutty terrier

"I'll be back for you soon enough"

So every day D'light would go check out his hole...

Silly boy!
Stay tuned to see what these two are up to next...

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  1. OMG - you had me laughing out loud with this one...D'light is seriously into that hole!