Friday, September 16, 2016

Throwback series of posts - Part 3

On another outside adventure D'light was positive there was something fun in this tree.
D'light is not a quiet hunter.  He barks as if that is going to make the critters come to him...

His carrying on catches Viva's attention

Viva not real sure he's found something...

But she gives it a go and it's a double investigation

"I don't see or smell anything D'light"

This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.  
It capture D'light in all his very sweet awkwardness.

Viva heads out to find something worth hunting but, D'light is still sure there's a critter

"Are you over here?"

Back to looking up that tree!

"Maybe if I look just a little higher"

One more look...

"Ok I guess it's gone.  Now to find Viva"

"Viva where are you?"

"I'm coming..."

Viva doing her thing of hunting the field mice!

While they hunt in the dandelions I find more pretty flowers on the hillside.

One more post to come in this series so stay tuned.

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