Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Throwback series of posts - Part 1

I was on blog break for a couple months. This was due to our busy summer schedule which revolved around a number of dog events. Lots of nose work and lure events to participate in and we had a blast.
At the end of June we all headed down to Oregon as Catty and I had nose work camp to attend.  Camp was beyond amazing and had a great time and learned a ton.  Camp was close to Brett's parents house so, while Catty and I were at camp Viva and D'light hung out with Brett and his parents.  For Viva and D'light this was a perfect vacation as they had 10 acres of fenced property to explore and hunt - that's 99% of most terriers dream! When Catty and I were at the house it was rest time, inside for Catty girl.
Here's some of their outdoor fun on their country vacay!
Critters beware...
So much to smell - lots of mice, rabbits and who knows what else have been around.
Viva on the move

"Come on D'light!"

Off they go and we were curious how this would go for D'light. He worries about moving through tall grass/plants.

Viva has no worries and she thinks this is beyond awesome!

"So much to hunt so little time"

Viva is stealth hunter - never makes a peep.  She quietly watches and then goes for whatever she's hunting.

Beautiful Viva!

D'light says "Oh these dandelions are so tall!"

"Come on D'light it's ok"

Silly Viva! 
D'light watching Viva.  Probably thinking she's one nutty terrier.

Where's Viva?!

"Here I come!"
Not a day goes by where she doesn't make me giggle!

Viva was out in this brush having a blast for a good amount of time.

D'light mustering up the courage to join Viva

Off he goes...

He stops to determine if this is a good plan...

"I can do it!"

"Oh but wait, I don't know if I can"

Viva comes closer to try to get him to go with her and he's thinking...

Off they go!
"See how much fun this is?!"

Once D'light figured out the tall plants and grass weren't too bad he was having a blast.  This was a really good environmental experience for D'light.  He had complete choice in is decision making (he could have easily headed up to the house) and Viva really gave him the confidence to take the risk of moving through the tall grass and dandelions.

"Where are those critters?!"

Lots of hunting makes for a happy and worn out Viva

D'light thinks he's found a field mouse

"Did you find something D'light"

As you can see Viva is built like a tank and pure muscle. 


Off they go and again Viva provides D'light confidence in the environment.

Time to go back in the house as it was a hot day

A bit more hunting

"Come on Viva we gotta go"

"She's busy"

A few pretty pictures of what's around us

One more scan and off we go heading to the house.
But then D'light finds something worth digging. 
Stay tuned to watch his goof ball self.



  1. I love how Viva coaxes D'light out into the tall grass. And they both look super happy!

  2. I love how Viva coaxes D'light out into the tall grass. And they both look super happy!