Sunday, September 11, 2016

Morning at Seward Park and the big exctiment of what we spotted

Here was part one of this series in case you missed it Another beautiful morning with so much to see!
There is a 2.5 mile loop around Seward Park.  D'light and I often do this loop as there's always so much to see and do!  If you do this loop anytime after 9am it's very busy.  But, getting to Seward Park before most people are awake often gives us the loop to ourselves. As you will soon see it's well worth getting up so early.
Lots of water lilies
Then D'light spots it and we go into "sneak"

Here's why the "sneak" cue is awesome. We stood and watched breakfast happen.
Time for a 2nd meal


And meal number 3!

We move on and again D'light spot something...

I thought it was an otter as we see lots of them at Seward Park

Then I saw his back which was so broad and then his tail and I realized it was our first beaver spotting!   I was so excited!

He found something under the water to perch on
The he sees us and his face cracks me up
He goes back to eating his breakfast
And then off he went...

What made him move on was the stand up paddle boarder

D'light says "Pay me for sneak!"

We move on and spot this heron. 
We see lots of heron at least 2 each trip sometimes up to 8.

We continue on the loop

We round the loop and we have a bunch of could coverage and it's a bit windy.
There are lots of little paths down to the water.  With many of them there is one way in and out. So, I often take off D'light's harness so he gets use to having it put on and off in different places.  I do the same thing with the leash while we walk the loop.  I do this so that when we go new places, the getting off and on/hooked and unhooked doesn't create a lot of stress for him.

D'light watching the wind blow the moss around the stump

We find some great logs to investigate

Sun coming up and here come the camera flares.


Time to move on

"How about a treat?!"

Off we go and D'light likes this tree!

He often checks it out and I'd guess critters run up, down and around this tree.

"No critters"

Off we go

Pretty flowers along the shore

I have us walk on as many surfaces as possible. This again part of our environmental work plan. D'light has made lots of progress over the last two years.

We make it to his favorite section of the park...

Scanning for squirrels

Critter face

"If I get up higher maybe I can see them!"

Another favorite spot are picnic shelters.  Squirrels hang out close by as the garbage cans are full of picnic garbage.

And he chased a squirrel off the garbage can and up the tree!

"Come down and play!"

Time to head back to the car and let Viva have her turn of fun at Seward Park.

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