Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sweet Boom Boom

Boom Boom is a very sweet boy!  It's doubtful that he's lived in a house - he's very concerned about the stairs and hardwood floors.  He's understandably weary of us when we are moving around.  If we sit down he moves in for some quick touch or a tasty treat.  We think with some time and training using counter conditioning and desensitization he's going to be pretty amazing.  He's a gentle little soul that one can quickly fall in love with. 
We have quickly figured out our top training item in our training plan and it around being picked up.  Boom Boom is a dog that shuts down when he's nervous/unsure.  So it appears that he doesn't mind being picked up or handled but, that's not the case.  We have lots of stairs and they have to be used to get outside to the bathroom and since he's no where close to using them & that means he needs to be picked up and carried down.   Lucky for us he doesn't use his teeth when scared but, having him shut down isn't a good experience for him.
Boom Boom is adorable as you can see!   When he's unsure he sits - just like in these pictures.




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