Friday, January 9, 2015

Boom Boom gets out & about

The rain has stopped so Boom Boom and I headed out for a walk.    Boom Boom is wearing the Balance Harness and it fits him great!  Notice no harness in his arm pits.

I'm ready to go...


Lots to smell

Lots to see and Boom Boom is ready to critter

There were a couple of loud trucks that caused some worry for Boom Boom  - thus the raised paw.  With some reassurance Boom Boom was able to move on.  If anyone tells you not to reassure/comfort your scared dog they are misinformed. Here's a good post Myth of Reinforcing Fear that gives some great information & Here's also a excellent blog fearfuldogs by Debbie Jacobs.

We take a break to watch the activity of the neighborhood.

Boom Boom did well for his first city walk - it was a lot for him to take in. 

Ready to get going...

Off we go!

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