Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Adjustments to the hardwood floors - Part 1

Boom Boom wants to be in proximity to everyone so, to do that it means walking on the hardwood floor.  Despite Boom Boom making it onto the floor on his own - he's still worried and I'm going to help him out.

I put a blanket down on next to our dinning room table (we spend a lot of time at this table) and Boom Boom had the choice to walk a couple of feet to station on the blanket which is now his mat.  This was all Boom Boom's choice.  There is carpet in our hallway which is about 5-6 ft from our dinning room and he could sit on the carpet and still be in proximity to us.

You can see by his ears that he's a bit worried with his decision.

But, he's quickly rewarded for his choice!

Look at those ears now - lucky for us Boom Boom is food motived.

He decides that this isn't so bad and lays down to kick back.
Boom Boom has 100% choice is staying on his mat or leaving.

And guess what?  Treats fall from the sky for his choices!

And here's Boom Boom eating part of his meal on a mat in the kitchen with the hardwoods under the mat.  Good boy Boom Boom.

After his snack he opted to go back to his mat in the dinning room.  Sweet boy!

"Now if I could just scratch off this blasted collar!"

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