Thursday, January 1, 2015

Starting of 2015 with Boom Boom!

We have a very, very busy January and we had planned on taking a foster break until mid February.  However, there are so many dogs in need and New Rattitude is in desperate need of foster homes.  So, Brett and I decided to figure out how to make it work by bringing in a new foster now. 

As we close out 2014 and I reflect back - one of the many things I'm grateful for is my husband Brett.  He does so much to support me, our dogs and the fosters we take in and he puts up with my crazy dog lady mentality.  When we adopted Catty I said "We can adopt a hard to adopt dog because we only want one dog!".  So we sought out a hard to adopt dog and found Catty.  Look at us now - we have two dogs and we foster 1-2 dogs at a time while both of us working full time with active schedules.  So much for just one dog...

There are lots of Rat Terriers in the already full shelters in Central California right now and there will be a lot more coming in after the holiday dumping of dogs.  At the end of December, we had 3 open foster spots in Washington (thanks to adopters who chose rescue & adopted our foster dogs).  All three spots filled within a day - once Lynn was given the green light she quickly found dogs for those spots.  Our Yakima foster parent really stepped it up and went into foster overload taking a second foster dog. 

So, on January 4th Washington will give 4 dogs a new lease on life that otherwise wouldn't have made it out of the shelter system.

We will be fostering this cute little fella.  He's about a year old and roughly 12lbs.

Freedom picture - leaving the shelter with Lynn!

And I want to give another shout out to Lynn our New Rattitude volunteer on the ground in Fresno. She has the very difficult job of going into the overflowing shelters taking just a few dogs out for rescue and having to leave the rest.  It's a job I would really struggle with and all of us with New Rattitude are very lucky to have Lynn on our team.

Wonder what this little guys name will be?  We are sticking with our Pacific Northwest wine naming theme.  So, I opted for a fun name to start the new year off so, we are naming him Boom Boom!

Boom Boom wine by Charles Smith who also makes K wines

Stay tuned as we all get to know Boom Boom!

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