Sunday, March 1, 2015

Morrison visits the small dog park - Part 2

As you will soon see Morrison had lots of fun with his new buddies that he met at the small dog park!

It was nice that Morrison and this little white dog had about 20 minutes of just the two of them in the park.  So lots of one to one play time.

Then the arrival of the 3rd small dog.  I held Morrison for a good 4-5 minutes while the other two greeted each other.  I then let Morrison integrate while closely watching all three dogs.

The little white dog left after about 15 minutes and then Morrison had his new buddy had lots more time to play one to one.

This was a good experience at the dog park and Morrison had a ton of fun.

Here's a great link to Sue Sternberg's tips to keeping your dog safe when visiting the dog park

And what did all that play time give us?  A tired snuggle bug!


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