Thursday, March 2, 2017

Early morning fun!

Wit it getting lighter in the morning, we have more morning outing options.  We headed over to the University of Washington campus.  There was a lot to take in and squirrels!
"I thought you said there would be squirrelsls here?"

"So many trees to check!"

University of Washington is a pretty campus and with arriving so early, there were very few people around.
We find lots of Witch-hazel in bloom

This is post chasing the squirrel up this tree.  D'ligth often keeps on running past the treed squirrel! He really loves the chase more than anything else.

"Any squirrels in this building?"

"Gotta find more squirrels!"

Watching and air sniffing

Off we go

While D'light figures out the squirrel situation, there's lots to look at.

"Any squirrels in here?"

"Nope!  Lets move on."

and more squirrel hunting

The cherry blooms will soon be here!

We cover a lot of ground when D'light is hunting!

Classic Pacific Northwest... moss growing on everything.

Pretty Mahonia

In another week or so the campus will have lots of Camila in bloom

Hunt, hunt, hunt


Lots and lots of ferns on campus

It was a hazy morning and you can barely make out Mt. Rainer

"Any squirrels in this pond?"

Spring is just around the corner!

A bit more hunting and time to head home.  We covered a lot of ground in two hours!
"I want to keep hunting!"



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