Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Morrison takes a walk

Morrison is a boy who's ready for any adventure!  So, we put on his Balance Harness and headed out to see how he would do on a walk.

Nothing seemed to phase him other than I wasn't walking fast enough!

Morrison is a very curious boy and he doesn't let walls slow down his pace! 

He did stop to watch the birds flying out over Lake Washington but, it was a chilly morning and he wanted to get moving.

Ready to check out more of the neighborhood!


 Time to motor!

Morrison did extremely well on our first walk together.  I doubt he's ever worn a harness or been on leash.  He does pull but, that's easy enough to work through.  We saw critters and cats of which he wanted to get after all of them - such a terrier!  We also saw a number of dogs and so far, Morrison is not reactive on leash which is great! He did however want to get over to the dogs to say hello.  Given I don't know Morrison well (or the other dogs we saw) we did not meet up but, watched the dogs from across the street.

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